Making a ScatterPlot

From the home screen press the STAT key to get the menu for statistics

Select choice 1. Edit

If this is your first time for the activity you will need to enter data for the x values under L1 and the data for the y values under L2.

Enter the data in the columns labeled L1 and L2.
Year Population in Millions
1986 4936
1987 5023
1988 5111
1989 5201
1990 5329
1991 5422

To set up the scatterplot select STATPLOT (2nd Y=)

Select choice 1. Plot 1 and set up the window as indicated:


The next step would be to select an appropriate window for the data.


 In this case the window at the right would be appropriate.

We are now ready to look at a scatterplot.  Press  GRAPH.

How to fit a regression line to this data.


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