Let's Skip Count
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There are two features on the TI-73 that can help students learn to skip count and thereby encourage the students to learn their multiplication facts.

Method 1:  Constant Key

Press the 2nd CONST key (Constant Key) to set up a constant operation. 

Set the C1 = +2.   Leave highlighting on Single.

Return to the homescreen by pressing 2nd QUIT (MODE).  Clear the homescreen by pressing CLEAR one or two times.  The begin skip counting by 2 press 0 CONST.


By pressing the CONST key again and again you will see the calculator skip counting by 2's. 


On the left is an addition problem.  For example we started with 0 and added 2.  The calculator show that we added one 2 and the result was 2.

The second line shows we started with 2 and added a second 2 and the result was 4.

The third line shows we started with 4 and added a third 2 and the result was 6.

Students could be asked to use the constant key to create several skip counting patterns. 


Method 2:  Number Line APPS

Be sure the NumLine APP is loaded in the TI73

You have set up the window to skip count by 4. Press GRAPH and then use the cursor arrows to move along the line. Complete this list below to count by 4's. The window will adjust to keep counting.

0, 4, ___,___,___,___,___,___,___,___,

Students will start at 0 and count by 4's. 

Then students can start at any number and count by any number by setting up the correct window.